Leading Android Emulator

Best performance | Compatible with Intel/AMD | Exceed conventional Android emulators

  • A top notch Android phone

    Download and install Nox App Player is like getting a powerful Android phone far better than the flagships of common phone brand

  • More convenient control

    You could use keyboard, mouse and controller to play mobile games or customize hot keys to assist your operation

  • Never run out of power

    Play mobile game with Nox App Player means that you will never run out of power or have an over-heated phone and security risk. Always online, always in gaming

  • Low consumption of CPU and memory

    Fast startup and takes relatively a small part of your computer’s CPU and memory. Allow your computer to function properly even with multiple Nox instance running

  • Unlimited instances, beneficial for multiple account owners

    The multiple instance feature could run several Android instance concurrently on your PC. You could have multiple games/apps or multiple accounts online at the same time

  • Virtual location pins you to anywhere in the world

    Virtual location + location based recommendation enables you to discover fun people and stuff in your dream land